Thursday, 16 May 2013

How to make a wet palette for miniature painting

A wet palette is a wonderful way to improve your painting - I did a post on six reasons to use one if you're not sure what the point of it is. Anyhow it's easy  and cheap to make and the chances are you already have what you need in the house:

  • An old lid of some kind. Anything waterproof will do. I normally use a small plastic lid but I have an old biscuit tin lid that I keep for the days when I want a big palette.
  • An old rag or some kitchen towel. Anything that holds water and won't disintegrate will work fine. Tissues don't work well.
  • Grease-proof paper or baking paper. you know, the kind of thing used for making cakes. Make sure it's not the waxy waterproof kind, as that won't work because it won't let the moisture through.

Once you've got these items fold up the rag or kitchen paper and so that it fits snugly on the palette.

How to make a wet palette 1

Make sure the rag is soaked with water and then pour off the excess.

How to make a wet palette 2
Pour off the excess water.
Press the paper down on to the wet rag so that it sticks and there aren't any air pockets. If it doesn't stick it won't work.

That's it. Get painting!

How to make a wet palette 3
A wet palette in action.
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